The Best Places To Catch Pokémon In Chicago

By Product Expert | Posted in Community on Monday, July 25th, 2016 at 2:55 pm
best places to catch pokemon in chicago

Wondering why you’re suddenly seeing so many more people wandering around Chicago with their eyes glued to their phones? It’s because the Pokémon invasion is here. If for some reason you haven’t already heard about the new Pokémon game that’s taking the world by storm, here’s a quick primer: the GPS-based game sends players walking around outside to catch Pokémon located in the real world. Important local landmarks become PokéStops and gyms, where you can stock up on virtual items and battle Pokémon left behind by fellow trainers. Some areas of the city are especially great training grounds — if you’re still searching for the best places to catch Pokémon in Chicago, here’s where to start!

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Where To Find Rare Pokémon in Chicago

The Bean In Millennium Park

If you’re just starting out playing Pokémon Go and want to expand your collection fast, the iconic Bean sculpture is destination #1. The Bean itself is a Pokémon gym, and it has quickly become one of the most popular gathering spots for Chicago players to meet up. The area around the Bean is crowded with Pokémon, so your odds of catching a rare one are good.

The Loop

The more PokéStops there are in an area, the more wild Pokémon will gather. Since PokéStops are placed at important landmarks and businesses, walking around near the Loop is another surefire way to catch lots of Pokémon fast. Plus, you’ll never run out of Pokéballs.

Any College Campus

Ever seen a PokéStop surrounded by a cloud of floating pink petals onscreen. That means another player has dropped a lure. Lures attract lots of interesting Pokémon to the area. The more people are playing nearby, the easier it’ll be to take advantage. With so many students playing, the UChicago and Northwestern campuses are prime spots for luring wild Pokémon in.

Along The River And Lakeshore

The game spawns different types of Pokémon depending on your real-world location. If you’re looking to catch water-type Pokémon, head toward actual water! Anywhere along the Chicago river or the lakeshore, you’ll find plenty of water-types. If you look up once in a while, you can even enjoy the lakeshore view!

best places to catch pokemon in chicago

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Stay safe out there – always watch where you’re going, and never, ever, ever play Pokémon Go while driving! But if you’re tired out from all that walking, you can always find your next ride here at Continental Mitsubishi!

best places to catch pokemon in chicago

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