Get Your Car Ready for Winter!

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How To Winterize Your Car

Chicago winters can get really cold and sometimes dangerous to drive through. You can prepare your vehicle to handle the harsh weather with the below fall maintenance tips from Continental Mitsubishi. You can also bring your vehicle in to our dealership’s service department for a complete vehicle inspection to make sure your car is ready for the upcoming season.

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Fall Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

  • Get an oil change. Keeping up on regularly scheduled maintenance can help extend the life of your engine.
  • Test your battery life. Local auto parts stores will often test your battery free of charge.
  • Brake check. Worn brake pads mean less stopping power on icy roadways, have them checked and/or replaced before winter.
  • Fill your windshield washer reservoir with cold weather fluid.
  • Check your tires. Tire pressure drops one to two pounds for every ten-degree temperature change. Also, you’ll want to make sure your tires have enough tread on them to handle the snow safely.
  • Create a winter emergency road kit. In case you do get stranded you will want certain winter necessities on hand such as a shovel, first aid kit and tools to change a spare tire among other things.
  • Put Iso-heat, or a similar product in your gas tank as soon as the temperature gets below freezing.
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You can save on your regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance and seasonal service with our parts and service coupons at Continental Mitsubishi. Just find the coupon you need and print it out before you visit our service and parts department.

If you go through the above checklist and find that your vehicle isn’t up to the task of handling winter roads, come to our dealership for a new Mitsubishi model with all-wheel-control such as the 2016 Outlander Sport or 2017 Lancer. You can schedule a test drive with one of these models by contacting our dealership directly at 877-966-2549 or scheduling a test drive online.

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  1. Wyatt green says:

    I like your suggestion to measure the tread depth of the tire of the vehicle. Tires with better tread depth could produce better traction on the road surface, snowy road in particular. It is recommended by professionals to use winter tires with better tread depth in order to ensure smoother and safer movement on the snowy road surface. Apart from this, battery is affected by the extreme colder temperature. So, prior to the arrival of winter, a volt test needs to be conducted in order to evaluate the condition of the battery and if the battery is older or is in bad condition, then it should be repaired or replaced by professional technicians.

  2. Liam Cruz says:

    I appreciate your suggestion to winterize the vehicle to overcome the hazardous impacts of extreme colder temperature. Vehicles couldn’t stand against the extreme temperature without proper maintenance. The battery is one of the key components of the vehicle which is affected by the extreme colder temperature. So, the condition of the battery should be inspected at a regular interval and if necessary should be replaced with suitable substitutes to ensure continuous power supply. Have a look at

  3. Ray Roth says:

    The battery could not tolerate the fluctuation of temperature at an extreme level. The extremely cold temperature of the winter could jeopardize the battery. So, the battery should be properly winterized to overcome the extreme temperature of the winter. Apart from this, the older battery couldn’t stand against the extreme temperature of the winter. So, the condition of the battery should be inspected and if the battery is more than four years of old, then replacement of older battery is really essential to ensure continuous power supply to the vehicle.

  4. Amy Zahirski says:

    Winter is harsh for vehicles. During winter the fluids used in the car become more viscous. Therefore it is recommended to use comparatively thinner fluids. The battery is affected mostly during winter. So it is suggested to conduct volt test on battery and if it is found to be in bad condition, then it should be replaced with suitable substitutes. Moreover the roads become covered with snow during winter. So, it is highly recommended to use winter tires to provide better grip on the road. For replacing the ordinary tires of your car with winter tires you may refer to:

  5. Angel Smith says:

    Better to pin this post. Love the things I have learnedd into this.

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