Can I buy a car with a foreign driver’s license in Illinois?

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There are a whole lot of issues and hurdles that arise to jump through when you’re living in Illinois as a foreigner. One of these can be the whole problem of driving. And before you can worry about driving, you have to worry about obtaining a car.

Is it legal to use a foreign driver’s license to buy a car in Illinois?

Illinois Drivers License and Vehicle Purchasing Laws

Actually, there’s no law that you need any driver’s license to buy a car in Illinois. Of course, to drive it off the lot, you must legally have one. But it’s perfectly fine to buy a car without using a license and have someone else drive it away.

Buy a Car Using a Foreign Driver’s License at Continental Mitsubishi

Dealerships, however, are free to set their own rules regarding license requirements for buying a car. Here at Continental Mitsubishi, we allow buyers to purchase a vehicle using a foreign driver’s license.

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This policy is a reflection of the pride we take in our flexibility; we believe in working hard to make it a reality for every buyer to obtain the new vehicle of their choice. That’s why we aim to get every buyer approved for financing with the help of a variety of flexible options and institutions.

Buy a Vehicle Using an ITIN Number near Chicago

In addition to accepting a foreign driver’s license, we also accept ITIN numbers. ITIN stands for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, and is assigned to residents of the US with foreign status. A social security number, on the other hand, is for U.S. citizens and authorized non-citizen residents.

Here at Continental Mitsubishi, if you don’t have an SSN, it’s no problem. An ITIN will do just fine.

Can I drive using a foreign driver’s license in Illinois?

Drivers can legally use a (valid and unexpired) foreign driver’s license for ninety days. After that, those moving to Illinois must get a state license.

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