Can Pot Holes Damage Your Car?

By Product Expert | Posted in Service on Thursday, February 25th, 2016 at 6:10 pm
can pot holes damage your car

We’re entering one of the worst times of year, from your car’s point of view: peak pot hole season. All these late-winter freezes and thaws can wreak havoc on Chicago’s roads, and that’s bad news for vehicles. Driving over pot holes can damage your car in lots of annoying ways. Fortunately, our service department here at Continental Mitsubishi has put together a service package specially designed to fight back!

What to Look For: Signs of Pot Hole Damage

Driving over an especially nasty pot hole can damage tires badly, especially if they’re already old and starting to wear out. If that happened, you’d know right away. So that’s not really the kind of damage we’re talking about here – we’re talking about the invisible kind that builds up slowly over weeks of driving on bumpy pot-holed roads. That’s right, we’re talking about alignment issues. Pot holes put lots of stress on the systems that keep your car’s wheels pointing straight ahead. They’ll wreck your wheel alignment faster than just about anything else. Here’s how to know if your wheels are out of alignment:

  • Your vehicle slowly drifts to one side while driving. Often, this won’t feel like a sharp pull, just a subtle tendency to drift left or right when the steering wheel is straight and you’re not actively correcting it.
  • A crooked steering wheel. If you have to hold the steering wheel a little off-center to maintain a straight path, this is one of the telltale signs of a wheel alignment problem.
  • One of your tires  is worn unevenly, with one side of the tire tread much more worn down than the other.
  • The car shakes and vibrates a little at high speeds. 

can pot holes damage your car 2

The Chicago Pot Hole Service Special

Through March 31st, you can receive a wheel alignment service, tire rotation, tire balancing, and a multi-point inspection to check for any other damage, all for just $129.95. We’re also offering a complete front wheel alignment and suspension check for only $79.95. To take advantage of these deals, just print out the coupon from our coupons page!

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