3 big ways to maximize your fuel economy this winter

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Thursday, January 29th, 2015 at 3:00 pm
How to maximize fuel economy this winter

How to maximize fuel economy in winter

It’s nearly February and some of us are already starting to feel the effects of cabin fever. The days of the sun shining on the open road and green grass seems so close, but oh, so far away. While we wait for spring we have to do the best we can to combat poor road conditions. One thing many of us don’t consider is what fuel economy our vehicles are actually getting in the winter months. The cold weather and rough driving conditions can do a real number on your fuel economy, luckily there are some easy ways to combat winter’s wrath and maximize fuel economy in winter.

Combine trips
When you can combine shorter trips to maximize your fuel economy. Your vehicle’s engine needs to reach an optimal temperature to be efficient and short trips interrupt that cycle. The longer the trip the more time your vehicle’s engine has to reach an optimal temperature and help deliver good fuel economy numbers.

Skip the warm-up
You’d never do this if you were about to run a marathon, but your vehicle is a little different. In fact most manufacturers recommend that their vehicle’s only need 30 seconds to warm up. The best warm-up for a vehicle is driving, not idling.

Check the pressure
It may seem simple, but tire pressure can have a big impact on your fuel economy. The tread of your vehicle’s tires need to grip the road properly and make a firm connection. If that doesn’t happen more energy must be put into the tread creating a connection with the road and slipping and sliding is an unfortunate result. When your vehicle’s tires are filled to the recommended amount you’re certain to see it reflected in your fuel economy numbers.

Remember, spring is on its way…eventually…and these tips apply year-round. Not happy with your current vehicle’s performance this winter? Talk to us today at Continental Mitsubishi about the a variety of great new and used vehicles in our inventory and help us find you a better fit today.

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