4 Safety Tips For Teaching New Drivers

By Product Expert | Posted in Safety, Tips & Tricks on Monday, August 29th, 2016 at 1:19 am
safety tips for teaching new drivers

Earlier this month, we shared our top back-to-school driving tips  for sharing the road with buses and pedestrians. The brand new school year also means that lots of high school students will soon be driving themselves to school for the very first time. As a parent, this can be a nerve-wracking moment. Make the transition a little easier with our top 4 back-to-school safety tips for teaching new drivers!

Helping Teen Drivers Learn Safe Habits

Keep A Positive Attitude  

Teaching a child to drive can be terrifying, but learning to drive is difficult too, so try to keep the mood light—a relaxed environment is much easier to learn in than one in which yelling is a constant. And remember to offer praise to your new driver when they do well.

Have A Plan  

There are all kinds of resources available on the internet for helping kids master the hands-on part of drivers’ ed. There are even smartphone apps you can download to help them monitor how well they’re doing and track their progress. If you want your kid to develop good driving habits, you don’t have to make it up all by yourself. Use what’s out there.

Change It Up  

Once your teen driver feels comfortable on the road during the day, it’s a good idea to do some after-dark practice, too. Go out on different routes. Go out in the rain. If they get a chance to do some easy driving practice in bad weather, dealing with bad weather will be that much easier next time.

Start Slow, But Don’t Stay Slow  

The classic driving-practice session most of us remember involves  a lot of parking lots and empty back roads. Those are definitely the best places to learn basic vehicle control. However, your kid isn’t done learning to drive when they’ve mastered these maneuvers. So much of driving is about learning how to deal with other drivers on the road. Once your kid has the basics down, spend lots of time practicing in higher-traffic areas as they get a little more confident.

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