What are the Weirdest Driving and Car-Related Laws in Chicago?

By Product Expert | Posted in Community on Friday, September 27th, 2019 at 3:37 pm
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Stop! You’ve Violated the Law! Bizarre Chicago Car Laws

Sometimes Illinois institutes some really weird laws. Like, really, really, weird. For instance, if you have ever lived in Des Plaines and tied a wheelbarrow with a ‘For Sale’ sign on it to a tree, you broke the law. Lived in Normal and made soap without a license? You could’ve been fined for it. These examples got us to wondering, what other bizarre laws does the Chicago area have?

Here’s a list of the strangest car-related laws near Chicago.

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1. No Changing Clothes in your Automobile (Evanston, IL)

Well, as long as you don’t change clothes with your curtains closed, you’ll be fine. Unless, of course, there is a fire. As you can tell, this one comes from an earlier era, as curtains aren’t exactly a standard feature anymore.

2. No Hanging Obstructions from the Rearview (Statewide)

This one makes more sense. A pair of fuzzy dice or an air freshener could easily obstruct your view. That or someone got sick of having their poor taste in air freshener fragrance being judged. Either way.cop car with lights on parked on city street

3. City Sticker Placement (Chicago, IL)

Having a city sticker might not be that weird, but just how particular the placement must be is a bit strange. Not to mention that prior stickers have to be removed. Multiple drivers have reported getting citied on this, so make sure to read those directions.

4. 12-inch Rule (Lincoln, IL)

While Lincoln isn’t all that near Chicago, Chicago could definitely take a hint from this one. In Lincoln, it’s illegal to park your car further than 12 inches from the curb. One look at a bad parking job and it’s pretty clear as to why this is a good thing.

5. Call Ahead (Joliet, IL)

This one’s a bit of a jog from downtown, but if you’re if pulling off I-80 to fill up in Joliet, you’d better call the police first. Coming into town without letting them know is against the law. As you can imagine, this would be a logistical nightmare if it was actually observed. It’s safe to say that if you drive into Joliet without calling, you’re most likely in the clear.

6. No Steering Wheel = No Driving (Decatur, IL)

This one is nowhere near Chicago, but it was way too weird to not include. For most of us, driving without a steering wheel seems absurd. Indeed, many would probably call it essential. But, in the unlikely case that you find yourself without a steering wheel, try to steer clear of passing through Decatur. If you need to replace that steering wheel, check out where to find replacement parts near Chicago.

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