What should I do with my tax refund near Chicago, IL?

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An envelope inscribed with, "Thy Tax Refund" in elaborate ink lies before another level that's scrawled with "New Mitsubishi Fund."

Tax Refund Match at Continental Mitsubishi

When you get a sizeable tax refund in the mail, you may be wondering what to do with it. Of course, there are many options. Often, the best choice is simply putting it away in savings or using it to pay off existing debt.

One option, however, is to take advantage of various offers to match tax refunds on a purchase given at that time of year. If you’re already planning to get a new vehicle, for example, this could be a pleasant way to get some money off. Where can one use their tax refund for a new vehicle near Chicago, IL?

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A coin, representing a tax refund, is added to a match, resulting in a new vehicle. A background of stars and subtly floating deities reminds us of the deeply symbolic nature of the image.

Here at Continental Mitsubishi, we’re currently offering to match customers’ tax refunds (up to $1,000) when they use them towards a new Mitsubishi vehicle. Those intrigued can simply view our inventory via the button above to get started.

The refund we’ll be matching is the federal income tax refund individuals receive for the tax year 2019. The fund-matching will come in the form of a discount from the negotiated price. Note that this offer cannot be used in conjunction with other advertised offers, and it expires on 2/29/2020.

What determines the size of a tax refund?

The size of one’s tax refund is determined by how much extra money the government took from your paychecks throughout the year. Ideally, the government would take the correct amount from each check, and you would get a tax refund of $0. However, we live in a world where mistakes do happen (and when the government’s involved, they seem to happen quite a bit). As a result, citizens must file for a proper tax return at the end of the year.

Because the money you’re getting in a tax return is simply money that one should have already have, it’s a common misconception that one’s receiving “free money.” For this reason, individuals are encouraged to be responsible with how they utilize it.

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