What Will Replace the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo?

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what will replace the mitsubishi lancer evo

It’s so hard to say goodbye. Now that sales of the Lancer Evo Final Edition are well underway, maybe it’s time for performance enthusiasts to look toward the future. Although the Lancer Evo will be gone for good, Mitsubishi has long hinted that the Evo name will eventually make a comeback. Mitsubishi is unveiling two new concept vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show next week – could one of them be the Evo’s spiritual successor?

The Future of Mitsubishi Performance: A New Hybrid Evo

In the years to come, the Mitsubishi brand intends to focus on crossovers/SUVs, hybrids, and electric vehicles. The Lancer Evo’s spiritual successor will follow this pattern. It won’t be a new performance sedan. Instead, it will be a small, lightweight, high-performance crossover, probably based on a heavily modified version of the Outlander Sport.

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Some past concept vehicles have already hinted at how this might look. The XR-PHEV concept, which was shown at the Geneva Motor Show two years ago, was basically an early version of the 2016 Outlander Sport with a supercharged V-6 engine and a hybrid battery. Mitsubishi also says the next Evo will borrow inspiration and weight-saving techniques from the MiEV Evolution II Pikes Peak racer.

what will replace the mitsubishi lancer evo 2
what will replace the mitsubishi lancer evo 3

What Will Mitsubishi Reveal at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show?

Mitsubishi will be showing two concept vehicles at the Geneva Motor Show. One of them is based on the Outlander Sport. It’s been called a “design study” — it’s not going to be the new Evo yet, unless Mitsubishi is planning the surprise reveal of the century. But it could showcase the future Evo’s new look. After all, a true successor to the Lancer Evo will have to look much cooler than the Outlander Sport, even cooler than that slick orange concept SUV. You can’t just stick a spoiler on it and call it the next Evo. The new concept vehicle is said to be aimed at “urban adventurers” and it’s jet-black with orange accents and custom blacked-out wheels. Sound promising? Perhaps cool-looking enough to bear the Evo name? We’ll post some pictures next week, so stay tuned!

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