Where can I recycle tires near Chicago?

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Four black tires lay in a toppled line on a white background.

Chicago-area Tire Recycling Locations

You can probably tell, by looking at a tire, that that’s not something that’s going to blend very well back into nature after you’re done with it. No, when we’re done with our tires, the responsible thing to do is recycle them. Where can tires be recycled near Chicago?

But wait! You may be able to save your tires!

Before you recycle your tires, ask our service center here at Continental Mitsubishi if they can be retreaded or repaired. Doing so can prolong the life of your tires, and it’s cheaper than buying new ones.

Alternatively, if you take your tires into our service center to be replaced, ask us if we can recycle the old ones for you.

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Did you know?

The US disposes of 300 million tires per year.

You really want to get rid of your tires, huh? Well alright. Places that accept tires for recycling near Chicago are:

Naper Auto Works, Inc.

(630) 420-2886

320 North Mill Street

Naperville, IL 60540

Discount Tire Company

(630) 548-1501

535 Fort Hill Drive

Naperville, IL 60540

National Tire & Battery

(630) 898-7900

4389 Fox Valley Drive

Aurora, IL 60504

Northfield Township Recycling Drop-Off Site

(847) 724-7055

1928 Lehigh Avenue

Glenview, IL 60026

For residents of Northfield Township only

Treadstone Tire Recycling

(815) 726-4644

175 S Desplaines St

Joliet, IL 60436

Three different kinds of tires lean on one another against a white background.

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Why should tires be recycled?

After their demise, tires can be reincarnated into a wide variety of products, including such diverse items as fuel, playground equipment, and artificial turf. Just think of all the cool things that could use a good dose of that mysterious rubbery, spongy substance that comprises the tire.

Tire-derived fuel is a particular encouraging use of the recycled tire. This alternative to fossil fuels produces 25% more energy than coal.

Use them yourself!

Instead of recycling your tires at a recycling center, you could tap into your creative side and find a new use for them. Some options include making a tire swing for your back yard, a planter for your garden, a compost bin, or a jungle gym. If it’s a really big tire, take the inner tube out and your kids can bounce on it like a trampoline. Or toss it in the pool/lake for a donut-shaped floaty toy.

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