2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2014 Ford Escape
$19,470 Starting MSRP $22,700
31 mpg highway Fuel Economy 31 mpg highway
5-speed manual / CVT Transmission 6-speed automatic
5 passengers Seating Capacity 5 passengers

2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport vs. 2014 Ford Escape

Live announce crews have some of the most exciting jobs in the sports business. Not only are the teams called on to build the anticipation of a contest, but relaying the stories of larger-than-life athletes maintains viewer interest and keeps people connected to the game. Of course, larger-than-life athletes are not always all that they’re made out to be.

Prior to the start of every sporting event, announcers receive a list of all the athletes eligible to play in that day’s game. That list includes information like jersey number, height, and weight. Most sports fans know, however, that the billed height or weight of an athlete is rarely accurate. Teams consistently list every player a little taller than they actually are—and the same goes with weight. For anyone who has seen a commercial for an SUV like the Ford Escape, it’s safe to say that some of the vehicle’s billed attributes may be more embellished than genuinely honest. This is why Continental Mitsubishi has compared the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport vs. 2014 Ford Escape in effort to see what SUV actually lives up to its billing.

Outlander Sport and Ford Escape Comparison

Judging by the commercials Ford runs for the Escape crossover, drivers are invited to think of the vehicle as a sporty utility ride designed for the active lifestyle. Even if drivers ignore the fact that Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is priced more than $3,000 below the 2014 Escape, it’s difficult to see how Ford lives up to that billing when compared to the offering from Mitsubishi. Drivers comparing the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport vs. 2014 Ford Escape will notice that both SUVs can carry five passengers and deliver 31 highway mpg. Outlander, however, is equipped with transmissions far sportier than the 6-speed automatic used inside the Escape. Fans of fun-to-drive manual transmissions can exercise that option when deciding on the 2014 Outlander Sport, and Mitsubishi’s innovative continuously variable transmission is also available for a smooth ride through limitless gear ratios.

As far as an SUV that lives up to its billing is concerned, Continental Mitsubishi is confident that the best-billed crossover makes its home near Chicago at the dealership’s Countryside location. Contact Continental Mitsubishi today for more information on the value SUV in the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport vs. 2014 Ford Escape comparison.