Continental Mitsubishi Certified Used Cars

Buying a used car can often feel like buying into some other driver’s set of problems. With Continental Mitsubishi Certified Used Cars, however, the only “problem” you buy into is Continental Mitsubishi's obsessive commitment to automotive quality.

Having launched a brand new certification process for their large collection of pre-owned vehicles, Continental Mitsubishi is completely reimagining the used car scene in northeastern Illinois. Instead of leaving local drivers with every reason to adopt a “Buyer Beware” mentality, Continental Mitsubishi invites buyers to be informed of the extent to which each Continental dealership in our group will ensure that you actually love you Continental Certified Used Car.

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Continental Certified Used Cars

Behind these big claims from Continental Mitsubishi is a triumvirate of driver satisfaction measures. The process by which an everyday automobile becomes a Continental Mitsubishi Certified Used Car starts with an 80-point inspection for safety, quality, and function. This inspection examines all of the vehicle’s major mechanical and power systems—meaning everything from the engine to the air conditioning is Continental-tested and fully operational.

The second step that Continental Mitsubishi takes toward driver satisfaction is the dealership’s three-day exchange policy. If for any reason a driver begins to have second thoughts about the specific model they’ve purchased, that person has three days or 250 miles to bring the vehicle back to Continental Mitsubishi and exchange it for one that they know they’ll love. 

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When it comes to used cars at Continental Mitsubishi, drivers should know that the dealership continues to stand by its vehicles, even after the three-day exchange period has passed. Continental Mitsubishi Certified Used Cars all come with a 30-day/1,000-mile warranty as well. If any covered part of the vehicle proves to be problematic in your first the 30 days with the car, Continental will fix the issue at no cost to you.

Identifying the Continental Certified Used Car logo is the first step toward taking home a pre-owned vehicle that you can be confident in. Discussing the details with a Continental Mitsubishi staff member is a good next step, too. Click above to view Continental’s selection of used vehicles and feel free to contact Continental Mitsubishi at any time to take the first step toward peace of mind in a Mitsubishi Certified Used Car.

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