Continental Mitsubishi Credit Clinic

For some buyers, getting their credit approved for financing on a new or used car can be a big challenge. In spite of the fact that many factors and circumstances can affect an individual’s credit score, many lenders simply will not work with someone who has a low or nonexistent credit rating. This can lead many people to feel hopeless about the possibility of owning a car.

It’s to address this pertinent issue that Continental Mitsubishi is hosting a Credit Clinic. We want to help every individual realize their dream of automobile ownership. We also believe that Mitsubishi vehicles are great candidates for this purpose, as they tend to boast high value, low price tags, and excellent fuel economies to boot.

What do I need to qualify for the Continental Mitsubishi Credit Clinic?

The only requirements for assistance from the Continental Mitsubishi Credit Clinic are that customers have a full-time job making $11 per hour and $500 for the down payment. As long as you fulfill these qualifications, we can help you get financing through our wide network of understanding lenders.

The Credit Clinic gets customers one big step closer to financing pre-approval. It only takes minutes, and overall saves a lot of time for the applicant. All that’s needed for the application is the prospective buyer’s name, address, phone and email. That’s it. The information received and obtained will be safeguarded to the highest security standards.

After submitting the information above, contact us for an appointment. To do so, simply make a call to 708-330-4420. We look forward to hearing from you!

Get Pre-Approved Now!

Find the Perfect Car for Your Needs at Continental Mitsubishi

Once you’re pre-approved for financing, our excellent inventory of new Mitsubishi models becomes available to you. These include economical yet high-quality choices like the Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi Outlander and Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. No matter what you’re looking for in your next ride, there’s a Mitsubishi vehicle waiting to fulfill your needs.