A How-To Guide to the Mitsubishi Outlander

Black Mitsubishi Outlander winds its way through a desert road.


The Outlander is one of our most popular models; as such, we get a lot of questions about it. Read on below to find answers to some of the most common queries and educate yourself on the work of automotive art that is the Mitsubishi Outlander!


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How to set up Bluetooth in the Mitsubishi Outlander

A common challenge faced by drivers is properly setting up Bluetooth connectivity in their Outlander. Do you know how to properly pair your smartphone with your vehicle's infotainment system?


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Front third of a white Mitsubishi Outlander, viewed from the side.

How does Mitsubishi Outlander AWD work?

Sure, all-wheel drive is a very useful feature, and it comes at a great value with the Mitsubishi Outlander. But do you know exactly how the Outlander all-wheel drive system works?


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A hand holds a fuel pump in a gas tank opening.

Does the Outlander need premium gas?

Some vehicles need top-tier fuel in order to run at their best. The Mitsubishi Outlander can certainly feel like a premium vehicle. What do you think? Does it need premium gas?


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Two children laugh and wave from the window of their vehicle.

How many child car seats fit in a Mitsubishi Outlander?

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a roomy vehicle with comfortable seating for up to seven passengers. But how many child car seats can fit safely inside? Find out here!

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Front half of a black Mitsubishi Outlander driving up a desert road.

What new features are on the 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander?

The latest iteration of the Mitsubishi Outlander has arrived. What new features and optimization does it boast? Do you know what's new for the 2020 model year?

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Back half of a Mitsubishi Outlander driving up a desert road.

How long will a Mitsubishi Outlander last in Chicago?

A Mitsubishi Outlander is a dependable vehicle. But we know that driving in the city of Chicago causes even a tough crossover like the Outlander a special kind of pain. How long will it survive in such conditions?

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