Three 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport models lined up out in the desert.

Mitsubishi Uber and Lyft Benefits

Perks and Benefits of Mitsubishi Models for Uber and Lyft near Chicago, IL

Mitsubishi is one brand that enjoys the honor of being an approved vehicle for Uber and Lyft drivers servicing Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Thanks to several perks and benefits from us here at Continental Mitsubishi, along with the strengths inherent on these rides, Uber and Lyft drivers can now make the most of their time and receive the best value possible when driving a new Mitsubishi vehicle.

Of course, opportunity is everywhere. But the way to snag more business is to always provide clients with a top-notch, A-plus ride. Boost that rating score by pulling up in a new Mitsubishi model.

Mitsubishi vehicles are renowned for their value-centric price points, economical fuel ratings, and a voluptuous ten-year warranty. All three of these categories make Mitsubishi models particularly appropriate for utilization by Uber and Lyft drivers.

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Exclusive Uber and Lyft Offers for Current Drivers

Uber and Lyft Sales Offer

Uber and Lyft drivers making their way to Continental Mitsubishi can now buy, finance, or lease a new Mitsubishi, equipped with its delightful 10-year warranty, and receive an additional $500 over the Kelley Blue Book value on their trade-in.*

*To qualify for this discount, individuals must show active employee status.

Uber and Lyft Service Offer

Uber and Lyft drivers can also repair and maintain their Uber- or Lyft-utilized vehicle at Continental Mitsubishi. When doing so, they’ll have the chance to receive a 10% discount or a $25.00 gas card.** Such perks are sure to help Uber and Lyft drivers enjoy moving towards a smoother, easier time on the clock.

**To qualify for the Uber and Lyft Service Offer, drivers must show active service records of the vehicle. The 10% discount is limited to $25.00 on the service notice.

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