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Mitsubishi VIP Purchase Chicago

“You’re only good as the company you keep” is one of a parent’s go-to phrases. And while many will question the truth of this advice in the days of their youth, most ultimately grow to accept the proverb’s sound counsel.

As an automaker committed to the application of sound counsel, Mitsubishi maintains a nationwide network of partners that certainly fit the bill as far good company is concerned. In fact, the list of Mitsubishi’s corporate partners runs more than 700 companies deep and includes some of the most esteemed names in their respective fields. A number of those partners can even be found in Continental Mitsubishi’s Chicagoland backyard.

Though Continental could go on and on about the accomplishments of Mitsubishi’s partnership network, the dealership is just as happy to describe the automaker’s VIP Purchase Program for partnership discounts. Open to full-time employees and retirees from among Mitsubishi’s corporate network, VIP Purchase can equate to significant savings on new Mitsubishi models for local employees. For those who may have been unaware of this partnership perk, consider yourselves now invited to reap the rewards of Mitsubishi VIP Purchase in Chicago at Continental’s nearby dealership location.

Mitsubishi Discounts for Chicago Employees

Employee Discounts for New Mitsubishi

In addition to Illinois state employees, those associated with companies like Aetna, Aon and Deloitte are all eligible for Mitsubishi discounts through the VIP Purchase Program. As mentioned above, full-time employees and retirees from Mitsubishi’s partner organizations can save significantly on cars and crossovers from the automaker’s award-winning lineup. This includes brand-new models like the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage.

With more partners beginning to explore Mitsubishi VIP Purchase in Chicago, Continental draws attention to the flexible options around which the program was designed. In addition to the diverse range of vehicle selections, local employees retain the choice to finance or lease through VIP Purchase. Yet whatever route a partner chooses to take, the safe and efficient experience to which Mitsubishi drivers are privy remains the same.

VIP Purchase at Continental Mitsubishi

Located in Countryside, Continental is local destination for drivers looking to take advantage of Mitsubishi VIP Purchase in Chicago. That said, Mitsubishi has developed a number of channels drivers requiring program assistance. Employees from any of Mitsubishi’s partner organizations are encouraged to begin the discount process by inquiring with a dedicated HR representative or program administrator. Those sources will be able to supply eligible employees with the needed to information to access www.mitsubishicars.com/vip, where drivers can continue the discount process with a printable eligibility form.

For additional information or assistance with regard to Mitsubishi VIP Purchase in Chicago, connect with the team at Continental Mitsubishi in Countryside today.

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